One of my closest friends went on a school-affiliated trip to Paris in the summer going in to junior year of high school and she brought for me an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada notebook. It was bright pink and had a colorful star on the front and I thought it was too pretty to just doodle in; I would use it to write well-formed and serious thoughts! I planned to write out my thoughts on marriage and religion and television. I planned and planned and then got distracted by my high school life and forgot about the notebook until recently when I found it while cleaning out my room. The only thing I wrote in the notebook was this-

“This notebook was brought to me by Olga Lucia Perez. She got it in Paris, France where she spent a summer doing fabulous things. I will try to match the fabulousness this notebook is obviously used to with my thoughts on life.”

HOW EMBARRASSING WAS I? The worst part is that I was pretty old when I wrote that. Anyway, my reason for sharing is that I obviously haven’t learned anything because this website is just an extension of my Paris notebook and I’m the still ridiculous and life is full circle. Goodnight. 


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