Here is a list of some superstitions I take super seriously:

  1. The nail polish on your hands must match the nail polish on your toes or else you will explode
  2. If you look over at the clock and the time reads 11:11, you must announce it everyone in your immediate vicinity so then you all can make a wish, lest you wish to have a dream taken away (note: you cannot wait for the clock to change to 11:11, it has to be an organic act of the universe granting you the opportunity to make a wish. Don’t be a cheat)
  3. Whenever you jinx something, you have to knock on wood (real wood!) or on your head. If what you said was really bad, you should knock on both wood and your head, just to be safe. This simple act will help stave off the apocalypse and restore order to the universe.
  4. Energies and omens are real. This isn’t a superstition its just something I believe. I also believe the Long Island Medium is everyone’s real mother.

**I’ll probably add to this list as I go on living


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