Growing up I was very close to my two younger boy cousins Christopher and Matthew. Christopher was my most prized possession. He was my beautiful little doll and I took him everywhere and did everything with him. Matthew was my sloppy puppy who loved me so much but kind of annoyed me in such a cute, sad kind of way. Christopher and Matthew would come over to my house every morning before preschool. I would eat most of a bowl of cereal and leave the extra milk and last little soggy bits and Matthew would come along and eat my leftovers. That was his breakfast, my leftover cereal. One morning my grandmother felt bad for him so she replaced my used bowl for a new one with fresh cereal and milk and Matthew cried like the freak that he was. Thats the end of my anecdote. Matthew was a little weirdo who loved me so much and Christopher and I would leave him out all the time.

Below please find a picture of Matthew, me and Christopher wearing stupid hats and another of me as a child holding my doll, Christopher.

ps. I always wanted to have appendicitis and Matthew recently had it so he literally ruins everything




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