A Word About Sleepytime Tea

What the shit??! 

Ok that was three words but whatever. (Ok that was a writing cliche but whatever)

What the hell is sleepytime tea? Can I tell you how much I hate the word sleepytime? Its so cutesy its gross. And is it even a word? Thats supposed to be two words, no? What is in sleepytime tea that makes you go to sleep and is different from a drug? Don’t tell me it has relaxing qualities because then why would I buy it? Having fake arguments with people as I shower is relaxing. Watching reruns of Cheers is relaxing. Drinking any other tea is relaxing. So what is different about this creepily-named tea? I think its a sloppy marketing ploy or a brilliant drug front. Either way, I’m not buying it (it is both the marketing ploy and the actual product)


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